Where does free delivery cover?

Everywhere except: Sentosa and CBD office areas.

I need my order urgently

Please send us a text before making your order to arrange the next best available delivery time.

I would like to cancel my order

Kindly inform us at least 24hours before delivery.

What if my item is not available?

We always try to keep our stocks fresh and updated. In the event of an unavailable item, you may also choose to speak to us directly for alternative choices.

Can I get a refund?

There will be no refund once payment has been made.

Can I get an exchange?

Defective products will be exchanged only if it has not been used. We check through every single product before delivering, we also encourage all customers to check through their orders upon receiving. If you would like to exchange for a different color/size, please be aware that there is a redelivery fee of S$15.

What is the bank account detail for payment via internet transfer?

DBS Bank: 018­-904513­-8

Please email/text us with the transaction and order number if payment has been made.

Is Iceland Pure Fish Oil able to cure my dog's skin problem?

Fish oil and like other supplements is not a medication. It is an omega3 supplement that helps to supplement the skin and body with what it needs and lacks. A supplement also means that it cannot work immediately and time is needed to see and effect. Every dog takes a different time frame to react and benefit from it.

How long can BITES be kept?

The BITES series' treats has been air-dried carefully to reduce the moisture to the minimum. Each batch is produced separately. We are proud to say that the treats, although without preservatives and additives, if stored properly, can be stored up to 1 year. 

Once opened, we suggest finishing it within 1-2 months. Remember to close the treats properly using the ziplock bags, you may also choose to store it in the fridge.

Date stated on bag is the manufacture date.

How should I keep the Little Beast soap bar?

After using, leave the soap bar in open air to dry. It usually takes no more than 30minutes to dry. Then place it back in the given box. Alternatively, you can also use a soap sock or a soap case to store. Simple ingredients at its best, it's really easy!

How long can I keep Fur Refresh?

As long as it is needed! Make sure you keep it dry and close it properly.