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Heyrex’s Torus Bowl is more than just a simple drinking bowl. It is everything that one can hope and dream of. Petted plenty of fresh, clean water every day to remain healthy and as owners and pet carers, it is our responsibility to ensure their needs are met. 

Conventional water bowls often contain only a limited amount of water which can be further reduced by evaporating or spills. These problems decrease the water available and can lead to your pet being denied its daily drinking needs.

TORUS™ (Latin for ‘hollow circular ring’) is the solution.  Water stored inside the walls ensures an ample supply of water, protected from dust and contaminants. The low profile also means no spills.  The walls also keeps the water cool.

Storing up to 2 liters (half a gallon) of water inside its reservoir within the bowl walls, ensuring an ample supply of water, protected from dust and contaminants. Each time your pet takes a drink, replacement water automatically flows from the storage area into the drinking well, passing through a carbon filter, and maintaining fresh water in the bowl to a depth of about half an inch. No batteries or electricity required. Activated carbon in the replaceable filter reduces the impurities, trace elements and flavours commonly present in municipal water supplies.

With TORUS™, we can now provide a constant flow of clean filtered water on the go. 

The benefits of TORUS™

  • Auto-replenishes
  • Large water capacity
  • Travel friendly
  • Stored water protection
  • Sizes to suit all pets
  • Made from food-grade materials
  • No battery or electricity needed


  • Filters water 
  • Water fill, flow and lock options
  • No mess, no spills
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple colors
  • Keeps water cool




Read more about TORUS™ here.