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FurRefresh is a one of a kind dry shampoo made with only culinary grade ingredients. 4 different kind of flavours, each serving a different purpose from aromatherapy to anti-fungal. With no chemical ingredients, Fur Refresh cleans and conditions your pet’s coat with all natural ingredients making it safe and lick-able! Each bottle is hand-mixed to perfection and filled in an eco-friendly bottle.
Whats more? Fur Refresh helps to calm itchy skin and repel insects!

Features of Fur Refresh

  • Cleans & conditions
  • No Chemicals
  • All culinary - lickable
  • Built-in aromatherapy
  • Helps calm itchy skin
  • Helps repel insects
  • Eco-friendly/Green
  • Hand-mixed

Fur Refresh is 100% human grade

Check out how it works here!